Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why Didn't I Start SOONER!!!

What began as research has become a source of great regret. I'm looking at videos and photos of beautiful, mature locs and I'm thinking, "Why didn't I start locs sooner, like ten years ago? " One  word, FEAR. Here are some concerns that prevented me from locking YEARS ago when I really wanted to and my remedy for them

1. They aren't versatile. I would get tired of letting my locs hang straight all of the time.
What can be further from the truth? There are countless was to style locs!

2. They aren't acceptable in certain social/religious settings.
I was already a maverick for wearing my hair natural during the late '90's but locs  were too "extreme".
Plus I was a member of a conservative Christian  religion with imperialist standards of beauty. "Don't let your appearance be a stumbling block to your ministry" Give me a break! I now have the courage to express myself and not seek anyone's permission or approval. But I had to grow into that courage. Now that I'm in my 30's I finally realize, it's MY life, I'll do what I please, it's only hair!!!

3. When I get tired of them, I'll have to shave my head.
That's not necessarily so. And even if I do decide to shave my head, so what. The hair will grow back, it's not like I amputated a limb!!

4. Locs are not as beautiful, feminine, or sexy as loose hair.
 Another myth. Locs are absolutely beautiful and sexy and feminine. I've turned plenty of heads with my mini locs and now my baby traditional locs. And the best is yet to come!


  1. Did any of you have the same apprehensions about getting locs?

  2. I totally did. I've wanted locs for soooo long, but was going to wait until I turned 40 (don't ask why), but for the same reason. Afraid of anything permanent, afraid of what someone else (especially my family and men) would think, and didn't know of all the diverse styles I could wear with them. Like you, I also wish I'd started sooner. Anyway, we are starting now and we will enjoy them just as much. The grow fast anyway. lol.

  3. Hey Olympia. I've read every bit of your blog and sooo enjoyed your pics! They take me back (lol).

    Girlfriend, you have such fabulous locking hair and your locks look exactly how they should at this stage (a little neater than most, actually.) Remind me on the next broadcast. I want to give you a shout out to get others to your blog...great job with your blog too - it's very pleasing to the eye

    Good luck on your blog and your lock journey. Not to worry. Between all the blogs that you're subscribed to, you're well informed and obviously mentally ready. Thanks for your link. I enjoyed my time here.

  4. Don't live in regret though. What's beautiful about it that you have begun and from the looks of it you have such a strong, positive attitude.

    To answer your question posed to us, no I did not have those specific concerns. The one which kept bugging me was that it would not be as shiny as when I relaxed my hair, that locs would feel so hard and razor sharp. That is so not true! The take on religion, I know God loves me regardless of locs, perms or shaved head!

    I'm happy you have begun for will be rewarding. Keep your chronicles going.