Sunday, July 31, 2011

4 Month Hair Update

In the "hot rod" before retwisting

I apologize for the bad self-photography.
Twilight Zone. Where are the locs?  Looks like a tangled mass.                 

Finally finished!

Most of my locs are firming up, nicely. But several of them have loose hairs wrapped around the forming loc due to my retwisting issues. When I correct the parts, some strands are pulled from one loc and twisted with the other.  Has any one else experienced this?
Locs like these look fuzzy because there are loose strands wrapped around them. Those strands will eventually work themselves in.

Locs like this one have few or no loose strands. All of the hair is intertwining without interruptions from "part correction".

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hairy Situation

Happy Thursday, everybody!

Just when I'm finally ready to make a new post with pictures, I can't find the USB cord for my Blackberry! Hubby probably has it.

So after four months with this set of locks, I've learned that I have to separate them constantly or else they will tangle beyond recognition.  One would think the sides or the back would be bad from sleeping on them. But noooooo, it's the crown that wants to become one giant lock with tentacles. I have spent countless hours retwisting  reestablishing parts and enough is enough!  I am now a believer in the importance of separating locs. So much for "keeping my hands out of my hair".  Looks like they need to stay in there if I don't want these 232 locs to become 58.  I think I need to GENTLY twist my hair once or twice a week.

Good News

My locs are getting firm.  It's still to soon to try any real styles or roller setting, though.  I occasionally pin back the sides for variety.The locks at the nape of my neck look and feel more mature than the rest. That surprised me because the hair in that area is looser than the rest.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Status Update

Hey everybody,

I've been a busy bee, working on a musical and handling family matters. Speaking of family matters, I'm pregnant! Hopefully I'll take some pictures and make a thorough hair post next week, when things settle down. Thank you for visiting!