Thursday, April 21, 2011

4 Weeks

 It's interesting how shorter locs fall wherever they please. I wrap my hair in a scarf nightly, away from my face. When I remove the scarf in the morning, the locks eventually frame my face, I even have bangs. Now that's what I call a natural style.

 Well, you learn something new everyday! I found out that once you wash traditional locks for the first time they become teenage locs. Makes sense to me. My locs do not look the same after the first wash and retwist. Many of them look like cheese curls. This weekend I will wash and retwist again! My hair is progressing well!

A bit of foreshadowing... Years ago I read some hair advice that said, " styles that work with your hair's texture and tendencies are best and the easiest to maintain." I thought, "Well my hair tends to tangle, should I get locks?" YES


  1. Beautiful! Your locs look nice and black. And, the current 'front bang' look suits you alot.
    And yes they do what they please, no matter whichever way you sleep on them, or tie them down. I've a couple or so that sometimes stick up when they want and my friend at work comes along and pulls them!

  2. Thanks, Naturaleza! It's funny that you said my hair looks black now. It gets lighter as it grows. Some parts turn a bright copper hue.