Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reflections Vol. 1

Being natural for 17 years or so, I often reflect on my hair experiences.  So I've decided to include those reflections here. 

I was about 16 years old in this picture.  It's been nearly a year since my last relaxer. I just pressed my new growth to blend the two textures.  I pressed my hair with an electric, thermostat-controlled marcel curling iron.  At this point I began reading all the hair articles I could find - conditioning, styling, hair and scalp anatomy, you name it.  I had seen many women and girls with damaged hair and I was determined to NOT look like them. That sounds mean, but that was my motivation. My priorities were 
1) prevent damage 
2) style my hair in a way that camouflaged any flaws 
My hair was different lengths, no not layered, just various lengths due to growth patterns and breakage. So I kept my hair pinned up. Since the back section was long I would let that hang while the rest was pinned up. I NEVER wore a wrap or any sleek, Aaliyah-inspired hairdo. I wore curly styles to conceal my uneven tresses. 

One of my favorite everyday styles a single  French braid with bangs. Sometimes I would tuck the braid into the base to protect the ends.  Next would be a French Roll with bangs. The last resort was the Wilma Flintstone hairdo. Those bangs were pressed to death! It's no wonder they suffered heat damage. 

 My mother had/has a Sampson complex when it comes to cutting hair. My only reason for not pressing the issue was my insecurities about having a large head. I "needed" to have a lot of hair with this head. So I trimmed the relaxed ends every few weeks. If any one wants to know more about the "grow out" option of going natural, I can certainly help you. It can be done with patience and careful handling.

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